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Powerflushing & Magna Cleaning

Q. What is a power flush?

A. It is the force cleaning of a heating system using water and cleansing agents

Q. What is a Magnaclean?

A. This is a device that is used alongside a power flush to collect magnetic debris from within the heating system. It is also advisable to fit a domestic unit to a system for long lasting protection to your system.

Q. How do I know if my system needs to be cleaned?

A. There are symptoms that indicate system cleansing is required

• Some radiators are partially or completely cold when system is in operation
• Radiators require bleeding on a regular basis
• Repeat component failure (pumps, valves and boiler)
• Strange noises from the boiler, particularly when working at its hardest
• Very dirty water within the system

Download –> Symptoms your heating System Could Benfit From Power Flushing (PDF 368kb)

Whether you are experiencing some or all of these symptoms, it could indicate that your system is in need of cleansing. Not acting upon the warning signs could lead to costly system failure and boiler breakdowns.

Q. When should I have my system cleaned?

A. your system should be cleaned if you are experiencing performance issues or if you are having a new boiler installed.

Please note that many boiler manufactures insist on a power flush being carried out in order to validate their warranty.

Q. Can all systems be cleaned?

A. No not all systems can be cleaned, however we would be happy to do a free consultation if you are considering having your heating system cleaned.

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